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The Appalachian Sports Car Club is made up of almost 200 motorsports enthusiasts from Harrisburg and the surrounding communities of South Central Pennsylvania. ASCC is the area's largest and most active motorsports club. 2006 marks ASCC's 50th continuous year of operation.

The ASCC has been put in an "inactive" state on January 24th, 2012.

Membership in ASCC had been declining slowly for years. ASCC had been the official club that ran every autocross event for the past 5 years, as well as the rally series and other events. Due to the unique nature of being a sub-chapter club in an SCCA Region, there was duplication of officers in SCCA and ASCC, as well as separate treasuries, meetings, and a few other things. This duplication sometimes led to confusion on the part of new members, as well as older members. Often meeting topics flowed into one another, or multiple votes taken on the same issues but with different members or officers.

So the officers and active members of ASCC decided to put ASCC in an inactive status, whereby the club is not disbanded or closed, but will no longer be the hosting club of any SCCA event, nor require dues. The SUSQ Region will take over the treasury and all operation of autocross events. Sadly, rallies haven't even been planned for a few years due to declining interest and lack of someone to organize a series.

There will be a more complete and accurate update of these events sometime in the future.

Webmaster, Feb 17, 2012

The Appalachian Sports Car Club’s
50th Anniversary Celebration

Now added (11-7-06), a photo gallery of the 50th Anniversary Party and some old photos from the 25th Anniversary Party! You can also read the last 25 years of history in the PDF of 1982-2006 ASCC History (300kb).

The ASCC 25th Anniversary brochure and 25 year wrap up of ASCC is available on line! There are many names you might still recognize, and some surprises of autocross results, and venues we have come to revisit after many years. A tribute to our founding members and a fun read. Download the PDF here (caution- large file- 12mb).

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